Stretford End Solutions provides a vast array of services to support development and growth of your business.   Our knowledge and experience in Optics & Photonics and technology development lends itself to broad outreach in areas such as: 

• Imaging 

• Illumination

• Defense & Security 

• Trusted Foundry

• Bio Medical

• Consumer products 


• Diamond Turning

Stretford End can provide services ranging from Business Evaluation and Development, Professional development, Customer interaction and support, Tech support, outsource identification, identifying potential new markets or business ventures, scoping potential business solutions, and improving outreach.  We also offer Environmental Health & Safety, Trusted DoD and ISO support services.  In professional development we can provide the highest level of executive coaching.



Business Evauation and Development

Let Stertford End Solutions help you evaluate your business and operating processes.  We provide professional development and Management and executive coaching specifically geared to technology based industries.

Optics & Phontonics

With our leaders having served at the forefront of the Manufacturing USA American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics), we have our fingers on the pulse of the OPI markets for both Imaging and Illumination segments.  We can provide outsource relationships and technical support for Imaging systems, Single Point Diamond Turning, Rapid prototyping, Polymer and Glass optic molding, and a host of other industry related services.

Defense & Trusted Foundry

With a broad range of interactions at the federal and tier one prime contract level Stretford End Solutions can provide keen insight and analysis into the Trusted process and how you can provide sevices in areas of critical national need.


Stretford End Solutions can provide a broad suite of services to the fabless and non fabless alike, such as: Device review; process development for CMP; DRIE; and Photolithograghy.  As well as contract manufacturing options for your MEMS needs.

Environmental Health & Safety

Our EHS professionals are regulatory experts and can provide system start up through process review to help ensure your operations are always in compliance and your employees are safe.

Executive Coaching

At Stretford End we've been there and done that, but that doesn't mean we stopped learning and neither should you.  We can provide a custom professional development program for you and your team.  From Business development through Executive coaching and leadership transition.  It's people that make the difference, we help them be differentiators.